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ISM' Basic Guitar Method

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This Course is based on sylabus prescribed by leading music School of world. But a Indianized version with lot's Indian Subcontinental Melodies. Video Session would be on WhatsApp/google duo/Zoom/Skype which ever suits you. and link would be available to you through your login onto your account. Extra Resources include additional licks of Hindi, Punjabi Songs and lullabys,indian Raga Scales. Suitable for Indian Sub-Continental Students & would be availiable in Staff Notation/Tab along with a complimentary video right in your Account. Step by Step and day wise instructions would be availiable in your account on our website to monitor your progress. This includes videos instruction on day's work, pointers and tips, well-illustrated and with Fretboard view or as per need a Piano View. This course include free one to one session on Pre-Appointment with the Instructor ( Monthly payment -1500) -2 sessions of 1.5 hours per week) for extra sessions a nominal amount of INR 250/1.5 Duration Session. Student can also choose to do it in Online program in Non-Contact Mode -(INR-3999 Only). However, in case the student wish to take one to one session with the instructor a nominal amount of INR 699/1.5 Duration Session. Affiliate links to to buy your Instructor recommended Gear and books would be availiable in your account in our website Online/Offline Meet ups and Events as scheduled with Free Pass Included

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Monthly(मासिक), ٢٬٠٠٠٫٠٠ ₹/الشهر


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